• Author chronzerg
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  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated December 24, 2022
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The Lagoon (Executable Installer)

We know you've waited patiently for this one, watched its progress through the forums: Chronzerg's "The Lagoon." Let me tell you, this is definitely a level that you'll want to replay again and again!
Chronzerg himself has a few words to say:
Thank you all for waiting so long. I now can finally, and safely, release "The Lagoon". You guys have been a major support, and have kept this project alive. This, in its essence, is a community project, for the reason that so many of you contributed to it. Thanks to TresCom Ops (for providing models, such as the dinosaurs and foliage), machf (for rigging the new dinosaurs), and several "modelers unknown". Also, I would love to thank Big Red for his great (perhaps one of the greatest) additions, ATX. So much of what this level has to offer can only happen because of this attachment.

Please see the readme included with the files for a comprehensive thank-you list.

Note: Don't forget to download the menu patch: