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  • Release Date April 17, 2021
  • Last Updated June 8, 2022
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TresCom Ops Anthology (Act I-IV)

UPDATE: Don't forget the 3 latest update (Replace the files inside your Anthology "Data" folder:


TCAnthology-TC_Lev_Update_06-06-22.zip (Fixes the Dilo's Spitter in the "TresCom" level.

TCAnthology-tc_isle _update_06-07-22.zip (Fixes the Dilo's Spitter in the "TC~Isle" level. Requires the above update to work (TCAnthology-TC_Lev_Update_06-06-22.zip)

The final release of the TresCom Ops levels. This package includes all 4 TresCom levels, Prequel, TC, TC_Isle and TC_Rescue. The prequel was always the missing piece of the puzzle in our trilogy series since we didn't offer a true beginning of how Anne's adventure began. That hole in our story is finally patched.

See "userinfo.txt" for install instructions.

Requires the CE patch.