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  • Release Date December 15, 2020
  • Last Updated December 21, 2022
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Trespasser CRC Tool 29 Backwards

CRC tool (recursive and non-recursive versions), it has two main sections: a CRC-32 calculator, whose purpose is to calculate the CRC-32 hash for any string entered, as Trespasser internally does; and a CRC-32 reversing section, whose purpose is to help finding a valid string that matches a known CRC-32 hash, and can be used to access any unused sounds or textures inside the Trespasser retail files. You can guess the beginning and/or the ending of the string, and the app will find a 4-character or longer sequence which together with them will give the desired CRC-32 value. There are two versions released together, the even-numbered one (28) is implemented using recursion, while the odd-numbered one (29) doesn't use recursion, and is a little slower. Source code is included. Additionally, I've made experimental versions that calculate the string in backwards sense, but aside from some purely experimental use, there's no reason to use them instead of the regular ones.