• Author tatu, TheIdiot
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  • Release Date January 4, 2021
  • Last Updated January 17, 2023
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Trespasser: Isla Sorna

Trespasser: Isla Sorna is an overhaul mod for Trespasser, combining levels and assets from various sources the community has acquired over the years.

Note: Latest CE Patch (v1.07e is required!)

Note 2: Pre-release of PH2IT in a standalone package can be found here: Isla Sorna Forum Topic

A vision to create some kind of ultimate mod for the original levels has been an idea among many TresCom members throughout the years. This mod is one of those visions, and it is now ready to get its first release.
This mod takes advantage of the CE patch to allow better performance and more objects on screen without reducing the overall performance, to allow a much richer and complete experience for the player.

BEPH1 contains the levels BE (Beach), JR (Jungle Road) and the first part of PH (Plantation House).
BE is based on levels from builds 55, 96, 99, 103 and 116 (Release).
JR is based on levels from builds 32, 55, 96, 116 (Release), as well as 3ds Max version 044/045.
PH is based on the level from build 32.

Other sources include: 1997 Walkthrough, Voiceover script for Anne and Hammond, Ideas and suggestions from Draconisaurus, Hilwo, tatu, TheIdiot and the Trespasser community.

The mod allows the player to travel back and forth between the levels within the present level. Voiceovers have also been replaced to fit how the developers intended them to be played according to the voiceover scripts, allowing a whole new experience with Trespasser's story.

We do recommend players who play this mod for their first time to play it like it is their first time in Trespasser. Avoid bunny hopping to get a more rich experience the first time and explore! Enjoy!