-Associate Producer / Sound Designer

I read on Trespasser Central that the game will ship without multiplayer capabilities. With multiplayer being such an important aspect of most games on the market today, why did you decide against it?
Well, I think that multiplayer and single player are two very different genres. We have seen a few games that have both, but I think you’ll agree that most people prefer a given FPS either as a multiplayer or a single player game but rarely both, if ever. I have said it before — multiplayer options do not make up for a bad single player game.

I really believe that you have to look at your game design and choose one, and we chose single player. We wanted to create a rich world that you could literally escape to and have an amazing adventure. If we do a multiplayer add-on it will be done with that philosophy: it will be a separate entity expressly tuned to be fun as a multiplayer experience.

Is there one set way to go through the game? Or will the physics engine allow the user to great his own solutions.
There is absolutely no set way to get through the game. It is entirely up to the player to invent ways around the puzzles.

I heard there will be no human opponents, but will there be humans in the game at all (other than the main character). 
That’s true. They are all dead. Site B is not a friendly place.

One fan recently posted on a message board his dissatisfaction with the fact that there will be no climbing trees, sleeping, or rain etc. Why will these things not be in the game? 
Well, when you make a game like this you have do decide what you are going to do, and do it well. If the design is right, not only will you not miss these things, you will not have time to try them!

What will be a better sound card type to use with Trespasser? Aureal3D or Creative’s environmental audio cards? What advantages/disadvantages will they have. 
I think that both will give amazing expeiences, but with different tradeoffs. You’ll have to ask me again in a couple weeks because right now the implementations are not fully final. I will tell you that there is a tremendous amount of work involved in supporting these cards — not from a code standpoint but rather because you have to retweak most o the game sounds. Which, as you know, is a big deal in Trespasser.

What do you think is the coolest all around thing in the game? The thing(s) you want to tell everyone about. 🙂 
I just saw two big female T-Rexes beat the %@&$ out of one another. Truly something I would never have guessed possible in a game. I was just standing there, behind a tree, thinking “don’t notice me!” Also, yesterday I was playing through a level candidate and killed myself by trying to reach up for a rifle and knocking a packing crate down on my head. A lot of things you do seem simple but are really cool in a way gamers haven’t seen before. You finish a puzzle and its like you really solved it yourself, you didn’t just pull the lever and get the card, you really DID something. And then there’s the climb up to the summit, looking back at the entirety of where you have been. That’s pretty stunning.

Do the objects in the game have a set weight to stop me from picking up some objects? Could I for example not be able to pick up a big metal table, but maybe knock it over and use it as a barrier? Or pick up a wooden chair and throw it? 
But of course; that is the basis of the game.