TRESCOM: Hello Rebel. First of all, how old are you? And how many years of your life have you spent on Trespasser so far?

Rebel: Age, is a sometime touchy subject. Let’s say over forty, and to date I’ve spent about 4 yrs with Trespasser.

TRESCOM: Something over 40, eh? Seems like you’re almost exsinct yourself 🙂

Rebel: I’m older than most the trees in my yard. 

TRESCOM: lol … Well, anyways, do you happen to have a job? If so then which one is it?


TRESCOM: Oh, didn’t know that… do you like it?

Rebel: Guess it beats flipping meat at a burger joint; spend a great deal of time outside. That part, I like. 🙂

TRESCOM: Yeah, though I’d pretty much enjoy being surrounded by hamburgers, wouldn’t you? 🙂

Rebel: Well, I do like to eat them.

TRESCOM: Actually, this leads perfectly to my next question : What do you have in your refrigerator?

Rebel: I’m a bachelor…. I have beer.

TRESCOM: Wanna make any advertisement for a special sort of beer? lol… nah just kidding…

Rebel: Corporate America, needs no help. :)]

TRESCOM:  However, what if you’d have one wish… what would you spend it on? Please remember that the one wish to get thousands of new wishes doesn’t count…

Rebel: That’s a difficult question. Do you wish for world peace, or be selfish?

TRESCOM: Uh, can’t tell… let’s just make it more interesting and say that only a selfish wish is allowed 🙂

Rebel: Narrowing it down, I’d have say either an outerspace trip, or the lotto then

TRESCOM: Oh, so you’re more that exploring type of guy, right? Always on the run for an adventure ?

Rebel: I imagine that could be said, yes.

TRESCOM: Alright, So what would you say is the most important thing in your life? Being a hardcore Indiana Jones yourself? 🙂

Rebel: Keep myself from becoming bored… try something new whenever you can.

TRESCOM: hmm.. interesting, anyways, let’s switch back to the topic Trespasser, ok?

Rebel: The Reason we’re all here. 😉

TRESCOM: soo true… First of all, when did you buy Trespasser and why were you interested in it?

Rebel: I bought Trespasser the instant it came out. Love dinosaurs, always have. The fact that the game was J.P. related was just a bonus.

TRESCOM: So it was out of an impulse?

Rebel: I’m an impulsive person. Though it wasn’t purely impulse. I was aware of the game beforehand, like many others.

TRESCOM: So were you angry that the Programmers have left out so many features? What have you been missing most in the game?

Rebel: I may be one of the few players of Trespasser who didn’t share the resentment that resounded so harshly thru the internet. The game always impressed me, still does.

TRESCOM: Seems like you got to love that game 🙂 So there is nothing you would change or would have done differently if you were a Programmer for DWI?

Rebel: Oh, of course I could nitpick. Would you want me to?

TRESCOM: Of course not… I’d be the last one to 🙂 (got to admit that I am a fanatic myself 🙂

Rebel: One item; I’d love to have the game move along in real-time. Mentioned this before.

TRESCOM: Definately a feauture I have been missing as well… So do you have like a certain gun / level / dinosaur or place you like most in the game?

Rebel:  I’ll give you my favorite locale within the game, The Town. Whether it’s the soothing music, or the abandonment of the area it just gives you an awe inspiring feeling.

TRESCOM: Oh and the Visitor Center, right?

Rebel: It’s all tied in quite nicely. 🙂

TRESCOM: Sure, thing. I love that atmosphere, though I’ve never been able to understand how dinosaurs could possibly lock themselves in there 🙂 … lol… really doesn’t make any sense to me . It’s sometimes seems that it is no wonder why they exstinct 🙂

Rebel: I imagine one has to ignor certain inconsistencies, but that’s the nature of gaming in general. Trespasser is no exception —

TRESCOM: Yes. However, think yourself on an remote island, please. You barely made it there, but were lucky enough to rescue a computer and three games of your choice… which games would that be?

Rebel: Trespasser, TombRaider 4 and Trespasser again. You should always have a backup copy. 🙂

TRESCOM: You mean in case that you destroyed one yourself by trying to edit it?

Rebel:  lol … Questionable track record on my part, I know.

TRESCOM:  🙂 … Actually quite interesting in my opinion.

Rebel: Referring too…?

TRESCOM:  To your choice of games of course … seems like you love Trespasser that much , you wouldn’t even want to have a third game instead …

Rebel: Not at all necessary.

TRESCOM:  So what are your future plans? I mean though your not the youngest of us … *lol – excuse me for that*… I bet that there are stil lsome things you want to accomplish ,right?

Rebel: Just some traveling, preferably while I’m still young enough to enjoy doing so.

TRESCOM: Any particular country you’d enjoy to see?

Rebel: Greece, Egypt and in my own country, Alaskan wilderness.

TRESCOM: So definately countries with a long history, right? I always wanted to see the pyramids myself 🙂

Rebel: Ancient cultures fascinate me, as they should. In order to appreciate what we have today, it’s good to witness the struggles others overcame to get us here.

TRESCOM: Oh I certainly agree. However let’s get back to Trespasser, alright?

Rebel: Certainly.

TRESCOM: So you have been arround quite a long time now in the community. And I think we all do know that you have been quite succesful at editing the game lately. So how come that you have never been part of the original THS(Trespasser Hacking Society)?

Rebel: Well unlike THS, I didn’t come out of the gate trashing the game. First, I gave myself the luxury of enjoying first.

TRESCOM: So you’re saying that their reason for failing is… ?

Rebel: I’m not certain that you can say that they truly failed. They simply didn’t continue on long enough to get to the point where we are today.

TRESCOM: But luckily people like you did and caught up their work, right?

Rebel: If it wasn’t for Tsord’s disappearance, I never would have even considered attempting to hack the game myself. It’s not in line with my expertise. But I didn’t like the thought of abandoning the thought of editing and creating new levels when so much work had already gone into doing just that.Luckily, Andres took notice to what it was that I was attempting to do and stepped in. Everyone has to give him an enormous amount of credit for what’s been accomplished.

TRESCOM: Yes, TSords dissapearance hit the community real hard, right?

Rebel: It nearly crushed the community, flat.

TRESCOM: Lucky for us that Andres was still arround! There is one question I always wanted to ask you: How do you do that? I mean of course hacking the game? It almost seems to be a miracle to me how you do that 🙂

Rebel: Plain stubbornness. 😉 I don’t like to lose.

TRESCOM:  lol 🙂 Well anyways, we all know the fantastic games you have created arround Trespasser

Rebel: Hopefully, some interesting little sideshows for the truly bored. 🙂

TRESCOM:  So what was your idea behind that all?

Rebel: You’re referring to onsite java games?

TRESCOM: partly… partly to your fantastic screenmates 🙂 I mean they really must have taken alot of time to accomplish.

Rebel: I was just shooting for something original. Something, that wasn’t already out there. I enjoy making screenmates, but until a new idea comes around, they’re on hold.

TRESCOM: So which one of all of your games / screenmates / screensavers and so on is your favorite?

Rebel: The waterfall screensaver; I’ll let that screensaver play on as I’m taking one of my grandpa naps.

TRESCOM: lol … Interesting that you didn’t go for the Raptor screenmate, which I believe is fantastic *startsingin* “I just feel like dancing, ouh”

Rebel:  Yes, I do love that creation, but it doesn’t help me to sleep. 🙂

TRESCOM: Yeah, I doubt it myself 🙂  May I ask you a final question?

Rebel:  Certainly.

TRESCOM:  If we are one day able to edit the game into anything we want. What would you do?

Rebel:  Another tough question, for sure. I’m not entirely certain of what I would do, but I’d certainly be using TresEd as the Editor and hopefully, some new P.V. models from Remdul to do it.

TRESCOM: With this I’d like to thank you for the Interview ,Rebel. I must say that it was quite a pleasure for me 🙂

Rebel:  I enjoyed the chat 🙂