Jurassic World is the new Jurassic Park movie coming out next year, but so far TresCom has been rather silent on the whole thing, aside from the contents of the thread on the forums. Well, today I have something to share that I found myself and shared with a few other sites already, and those sites have already broken the news, but felt to share it on TresCom for those who want to see it here. I will warn you, what I found contains SPOILERS but will be an absolute treasure for recreating Jurassic World in Trespasser in the future, hence its relevance here. It’s the perfect reference image, the kind of thing you’ll only think you’ll see in dreams.

After going on a whim to see if one of the major satellite imagery companies managed to snag a shot of the set of Jurassic World on the parking lot of the abandoned Six Flags, New Orleans, I managed to stumble upon an image of the set from May 26, 2014 showing the set pretty much completed.

The image is hosted by TerraServer at this address: Spoiler-Image 1 Spoiler warning, though, as some features WILL spoil scenes from the movie.

Here’s a copy of the image from the preview page for high resolution downloads: Spoiler-Image 2