Have you ever accomplished this kind of technology in the past?

“I’ve developed 3D engines in the past, but nothing with this scope or beautiful appearance.”

How advanced is this technology compared to other PC games?

“Virtually (pardon the pun) all real-time 3D games out there are variants on Quake, which itself is an incremental improvement on Doom. We are taking the next step by building realis-tic outdoor environments and utilizing new rendering techniques such as bumpmapping. Also new technology is being used to tell a story and build an environment for that story: puzzles are physically-based, a definite first for the genre.”

What can we expect from this game in general?

“Story, action and puzzles that make sense.”

Can you give us any kind of hint as to what new features you have added to Tres-passer? 

“Physical puzzles;

Extensive outdoor environment;


Mixed hardware and software 3D rendering;

and Strong storyline.”

Is the game playable as of 8/97? If not, what still needs to be added? 

“Only small sections of the game are now playable; art assets and additional physics code are being added.”

Do you expect Trespasser to blow away ALL other 3D games on the market today?

“See the next question. ”

Would you consider this game in a category by itself compared to Quake, Hexen, Duke Nukem? 

“Trespasser is not intended to compete with Quake and its imitators; fundamentally it is a different kind of game. Trespasser doesn’t blow away Quake in the 3D “twitch” game market, it is in a new market: 3D real-time role-playing and adventure.”

Can you give us a rough estimate as how the game will be run? (i.e. Will some file be installed on your HD and some be run from the CD? Which files will be stored on your HD? (models, textures, scenery, etc.? Which on your CD?<<–music?)

“We expect areas to be loaded from the CD to the HD as required; each area should be about 60 meg.”

Can this job compare to past jobs you may have had?

“To me this is a fantasy job come true; working on a cutting-edge adult game title on a team with an amazing vision and really good leadership.”