Today we added some more pictures to our concept art section and updated the levels page. Further more, hilwo send us his completed list of all the voiceovers, which can be found in the game. Look for it in our articles section. The second part of our Trespasser Walkthrough is up as well. We would also like to thank Tomi for sending us his fan art. It opens our fan art section and we would really enjoy seeing more of it. If you have anything like that, please send it in (

We also updated our menu bar and added two more pages to the links. The one is Andres’ TresEd site, which really needs to get more attention. His tool is simply terrific and on the best way of becoming our Trespasser Editor. The other one is the Trespasser Jungle Road site, which is quite new on the net, but which features many interesting stuff. So check out both sites today! We would also like to thank Jurassic Park Database for putting us up into their news.