Today we do have something special for all of you: The final Images of the Walkthrough, the Summit, which make it complete! Over the past few months DarthRaptor and Hilwo have been putting alot of efford into this, so we’d like to thank them alot. They were so kind to give us a last statement about it, so here we go:

“For a long time now Hilwo has been building up a large amount of Trespasser Extras…sounds, pictures etc. We’ve got allot of material now and it’s almost enough to make a Trespasser documentary!

Our next project will contain a large amount of this material and will keep these rarities together for the community to see. Currently the Work in progress title is “TRESPASSER DOCUMENTARY” although this will almost certainly change. We don’t know when it will be complete or how large it will be- but you wont be disappointed.”

Now if that doesn’t sound interesting, then I don’t know what else does. Besides this, we’ve also added another link to the “Where to buy page”. It was send in by M. Bailey. We certainly thank him as well and hope that many more links will be found by the rest of you…

Further more we’d like you to know, that Troodon has written an entire walkthrough for his fantastic JR+ Level! Read it here! (please notice, that you need to be a member of the forum to read it…) . Well, this was nearly it. But last but not least we’ve got an important message from the guys at Tresgame, who’d like you to know, that their place will open on January 1 2003!