Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! This year we thought we would give you a more proper post for this holiday.

2020 is coming to an end and this year the Trespasser community has seen an increase in activity. Our Forum has seen an increase in activity and several mods have been released during the year. Our Discord has also seen an increase in activity, with many new members.

So as 2020 is coming to an end, we wish you all happy holidays and we hope we will see you in 2021!

I also wanna remind you that there has been several released Christmas/Winter themed levels in the past. Check out the download section and you might find a level you’d enjoy!

Winter’s Journey

Winter’s Journey is “A Christmas-themed Trespasser level” from TrespasserGuy released just in time for Christmas. He doesn’t wanna give away what the level is about, so go check it out right now! (After you’ve finished reading this news post!)

You can find this level here: Winter’s Journey Download


New TPA ID Discoveries

Early this December, LtSten and machf worked together and manage to crack several previous unknown IDs in the TPAs we have. In less than one week, 57 unknown IDs became 16. We hope they manage to crack more of the unknown ones, and maybe one day we will know them all. You can follow their own at our forum: Sound names from the .tpa files

If you are interested in what IDs are used for specific TPA sample, machf have updated the listing and you can download them here:

Sound Name Listing For Build 22-E3 TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Build 32-PCGamer TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Build 55 TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Build 96 TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Build 97 TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Build 99 TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Build 103 TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Retail TPA Files

Sound Name Listing For Demo TPA Files


Lost Jungle Remastered

Sadly I forgot this in a news post earlier this summer. However, here it is! TrespasserGuy took the enormous project to remaster Draconisaurus and Mickey’s Lost Jungle level and have made an amazing remaster. It is worth checking and and you will be impressed! You can find the level here: Lost Jungle Remastered Download

morningstarring Levels

Forum user morningstarring joined our community earlier this summer and has then made some impressive levels and started doing more advanced t-scripting. Check out some of their levels here and here.

Skatepark Map

Now this is not something we’ve seen in Trespasser before. Community member Teromen made a Skatepark map in Trespasser. While you can’t ride a skateboard, you can use the ramps to get an advantage over the raptors.

“Feel free to try it out. Its a skatepark in Trespasser. There’s a few dinos and guns for fun. I made this for fun and to get better at mapping. I got better at collision especially. It was a a bit tricky. I hope you have fun. Enjoy.”

It is worth checking out and you can find it here: Skatepark Download



Just in time for Christmas, Draco has released his Draco~Test level. He experimented with various things in this level, including a working “PC”. You should definitely check it out to see various things you have not seen in Trespasser before!

“Alright everyone, Happy Holidays from Draconisaurus! My gift to TresCom this year is the latest and final version of “Drac~Test”, where a number of investigations were made about the disposition of the Trespasser technology. There are 5 zones to explore, in various amounts of development. Hopefully some useful things may be found. I’m releasing this now since it is still technically the eve of the holiday and that is when the occasion is celebrated in Europe. Have a great holiday and hopefully many can spend time with friends & family even if only on video.”

You can find this level here: Draco~Test Download

Trespasser 2020: A Trespasser Modding Starter Kit

MikeTheRaptor made a comeback earlier this year with a release to make it easier for people to play mods. Setting up mods an be quite tricky, and many people have had issues setting up CE to work with an external mod folder. MikeTheRaptor wanted to help out and made this package for you, and included some levels to get you started playing.

“In an effort to make playing Trespasser fan levels and mods more accessible, I’ve created a simple starter kit that includes everything necessary to begin playing Trespasser fan levels immediately with no setup or configuration required.”

You can find this and what it includes in our download section or download it here: Trespasser 2020: A Trespasser Modding Starter Kit Download


New Download Section

We have finally updated our download section. We are now using a new plugin as the old one is no longer in development and started to have issues on latest WordPress.

The new download section will look a bit different, but we will work on improving it over time. It contain all the downloads the old one had, it even got a simple search now on each category page! All downloads will now have their own page, allowing you to make comments to a specific download. Use it to post issues you have with the download, feedback or even reviews for a fan level. You will also be allowed to download a file directly from the list, without the need to open each download in a new tab, just like before.

Go check it out, and hopefully we’ve manage to move all download so all the links work correctly, otherwise let us know in the comments, and we will continue to improve the download section.