Sunday, October 20, 2002

Well I do know that it’s certainly been a while since our last update, but we, the TresCom Ops, have been secretly working on a project, which will be released very soon. I can not tell you much about it , yet, except that you should check in here more often in the near future, since more informations will be released to the public in the following days. Well, that is also the reason why the TresCom Ops did not get the chance to post alot in the forums. That of course does not mean that we want the Community to die. As a matter of fact , we need you more than ever now! So if you are not a member of the community yet, make sure you join us at the forum. And if you are, then please keep posting, so that we know that you people are still interested in what we are doing.

Well and just to spoil you people a lil , we also got another Fan Art image, sent in by Adam Lazo :

I believe it is quite amazing, especially because he told us, that he only spray painted it from scratch in MSPaint!!!!