Ho Ho Ho! A Merry Merry X-mas to all of you. Many people have contributed some work of theirs to make this a X-mas special for you. Rebel has send in a Trespasser X-mas poem of his and a very enjoyable Trespasser meets StarTrek story. You can find both in our Articles Section.

Tomi has been so kind to send in the first beta version of his Jungle Level! I played through it and I must say, that this is a very well designed level. It has some amazing moments and all of you should play it! Well I think that the following images speak for themselves:

This level is now waiting for you in our Levels Download section.

But this certainly isn’t enough for our X-mas special. We also have a nice lil frame for you from the end-movie of the final TresCom level version:

The level is approaching and will be awailable for download soon!

Well and besides this all, we are also proud to go on air with our first internet radio station! It features all the ingame Trespasser music by Bill Brown (www.billbrownmusic.com). The music itself is still under copyright by Bill Brown, so do not copy any of it illegally and rather buy one of his cds :). To access the radio station, you need an mp3 player and have to add the following location to the list : http://diehard.ath.cx:5000

If you are forced to download a 52 Megabyte big file, then you know that you have been doing something wrong.

Well I certainly hope you will enjoy listening to this radio station. I certainly do…