Hey! The TresCom team certainly wishes you a happy new year! Again many people have contributed some nice work of theirs, to make this a nice NEW YEAR SPECIAL!

First of all, another beta-level has made its way to us. It is called PVRun and is the first attempt of recreating the lost Pine Valley Level. TptDac used nothing else than the existing models and textures of the demo level and created some impressing new buildings. Nice scripted events, such as exploding bridges, are included as well. So grab these files in our Levels section today. Just to spoil you, we have here some really nice in-game screenshots for ya:

Besides this, we also got some really nice Wallpapers, created by Cody Zaiser. Well just look for yourself, higher resolution versions can be found in our FanArt section:

he also send in a nice image of a T-rex walking through the Canadian Forrests:

Well I guess that was pretty much our New Year Special, certainly hope you like it! Hope to see you back in the new year. 🙂