Board changes

We’ve added an extra few smilies to our board so that you can spice up your posts a little bit more :). Check em out by posting here.

Final Chapters Online!

Well even a great adventure like Sk8ers TresCom Story has to come to an end some time. So today we are going to release the last few chapters. We certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed Sk8ers work just as much as I did…. (thanks again Sk8er… I owe you!) Well read them over here.

New Fan site found on the block ! is a spanish site, which must have been arround for quite some while, without having us noticing them. So for now, we’ve added them to our links section and would like all of you to take a look at the site today. Quite a nice fan site if you ask me… just hope that they’re gonna come up with an english site as well ;).

Blasco interviews Brady Bell

Blasco, the former webmaster of long lost, had the chance of interviewing Brady Bell for his site. We just recently recovered this long lost document and thus would like to share it with all of you. Read through it in our interview section here.

Contest pre-announcement

We decided to have a little community contest for our upcoming level :TC_Isle. Several prizes are waiting for the 3 winners:

# 1st place: will receive a copy of the Alpha Version of the upcoming level, get the official TC_Isle T-Shirt and will have his winning entry shown openly in our level.

# 2nd place: will also receive a copy of the Alpha Version of the level and will have his name added to a nice easteregg hidden in the level.

# 3rd place: will get a graffiti to his fame in our level.

And if that weren’t enough, will the winners of the first and second place have a chance of writing a review of that level, which will then be hosted on this site!To win one of these prizes, all you have got to do is to send in any Trespasser related fan-work of yours, may it be:

# a Drawing

# a Story or an article

# a model rendering

# a level

The community members (members of our forum) will then get a vote on the best fan work and will have a chance to vote for the best work. Easy system, eh?

However there will be certain rules for submitting a fan work:

# TresCom Ops members are excluded from the contest

# People are only allowed to turn in 1 (!) work of their own. (Meaning that stolen or multiple fan-work will not be accepted)

# And the entries will have to be turned in up to a dead line, which has yet to be announced

Well, so much for this. Hope you are gonna start thinking about some possible Winning entries…. the contest is gonna start soon!