Contest: Deadline arrived

How could we start this new year better, than with the release of all contest entries? Even though they are few. Each one of them is high in quality and all of you should consider downloading them right this instance! So let’s head over to the submissions page and enjoy all of the contest entries.

Meanwhile, we’ll start our vote on the best contest entries. So if you’re registered at our board, head over to it now and help us choose the contest winner.

Sk8er releases all new episode of : Trespasser 2

Yup, that’s right. Sk8er starts into the new year with an all new exciting episode of our beloved Trescom story: Trespasser 2. You can check on it here.

Porting Operation Genesis Models possible?

Rumors occured stating that it might be possible to import the fantastic Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis models to Trespasser. Wonder if that is true? Check out this post by our dear forum member Asjad. Of course we’ll keep you up to date if any new rumor arrives…