Trespasser 2: Another chapter released

Sk8er was again kind enough to spend alot of time on an extra cool and new episode of “Trespasser 2”. So all of you , who have been eager to see it, read it here.

TresCom Isle: new screenshots arrived!

Well, we felt kinda bad for not having an update on TresCom Isle for quite a while. So today we’re gonna make up for it. Take a look:

Rumor: Havoc Engine uses Trespasser code?

The well known “Havok Engine”, which is a game engine that can simulate realistic physical effects and environments, may not be as unique as it sound. Rumors state, that there might even be a connection between the “Havok Engine” and the Physics Engine used within Trespasser. It might even be that the Havoc engine was based on the original code from Trespasser! Now, we don’t know whether this is true or not, but similarities can be found…

Forum: Upgrades!

Our beloved TresCom forum, heart of our community, got some small improvements. Here’s a quick list of ’em:

-added a quick-link to the trescom chatbox

-added a page with a list of all recently active topics

We also tried to slightly improve our main page and added a nice “users-online” status to our right menu bar. Now if you take a look at it, then you will see who’s currently cruising around our boards 🙂 We certainly hope that this will attract more of you to come…


Again we’re sorry to say, that we’re running out of images for our screen-of-the-week section. So if you happen to have any fun Trespasser-images you’d like to share with the rest of the world, then don’t hesitate and send ’em right over. We’re patiently waiting for submissions…