Dinosaur_Neill shows off his works

Dinosaur_Neill, an artist, who’s been providing us with some great Trespasser artworks throughout the two years, is showing off his artwork. So if you liked his artwork here, take a look at his other artwork here. He even got some Trespasser artworks online. You can find it here.

News from Rolf Mohr

Well, we got back in touch with Rolf Mohr, a former designer at Dreamworks Interactive. (Rolf Mohr can call himself responsible for some of the incredible Trespasser models). And he has been working at a new project throughout the last few months: Machine phase . Even though he has not been responsible for the amazing 3d art this time, he helped on the script and the concept design. The movie has been released just recently, so take a look at the Trailer available on their website.

TresCom releases test level

Have you ever been interested in how the TresCom Ops develope new stuff for their levels? Well, you’re now getting the chance to take an exclusive look behind the scenes! With todays update, we’re actually offering you the infamous TC-Ops playgorund: the TC-Test level. Within you will find many unreleased objects and effects, which will most likely be used in the new trescom level: TC-Isle. Ever wondered if rain was possible, or scripted game animations? Simply follow this link and find out yourself

We certainly hope, that this will encourage all of you to restart work on some new levels. Happy editing 🙂

Another Unreal-Mod found

Trespasser seems to become really famous for porting to new game engines. We just recently reported about Trespasser porting to FarCry and Unreal and this week our forum member Darkraider stumbled upon a new one:


All Unreal fans, shall better take a look at that one. I bet you’ll enjoy it!