Argh! My Eyes….

What would our weekly update be, without Sk8ers terrifc ongoing-story “Trespasser2”? So for all of you, who’ve been patiently waiting for the next part: read it here. Not familiar with the story? Read the previous chapters in articles section first! You won’t regret this!

Several Site additions

We were informed that people were having difficulties, finding all of the Contest entries. So for todays update, we’ve added each entry to the section they belong. While we were added, we also noticed that we forgot to update our menu for a while now. We therefore updated our links list and also added 2 new sections: the FAQ-Database(which contains several Tutorials and quickreferences to our Tools) and the Site-Database (which contains several forgotten website, we were capable of backign up). Each one of them have existed for quite a while now, but people seem to have problems with finding them.