Some excuses

Well, it’s been kinda long since our last update, which I am going to excuse ourselves for now. I for my part was simply too busy to create some new exciting content for the last few weeks and the community has been really slow these days,too. So without any new stuff arriving, we simply had nothing to update the site with. Which leads me directly to this: Please keep on contributing new stuff! Right now the that’s what the community needs the most. So if you happen to be a Trespasser fan, PLEASE help keeping the community active! Thanks for all of your help in return….

We’ve also been having some server problems with the diehard server. We could luckily solve these for now, so please keep on visiting the other fan pages…

Jurassic Park Diary

Our Community-member Mega Raptor created an extremely long Story for ya, called : “The Jurassic Park Diary”. In which he retells the recreation of the park out of the perspective of J.P. Hammond. So to all of the Jurassic Park fans out there: Take a look now!

New Trespasser Mod

Wow! Trespasser mods really seem to become famous now. For todays’s update we received an email from drus82, stating that there’s another Trespasser-FarCry-Modification in the making. I was actually suprised to see another mod in developement… so go visit their website here

TC-Isle’s getting into shape

Well, we decided on spoiling you folks some more with some screenshots and renderers taken from TC-Isle. 🙂 I think that most of you have been waiting for some more of these,so … well… uhh… actually there’s not much more to say, just take a look: