Looks like the PCGAMER-Staff really got into our community these days, having another neat Article in there August Edition about the Trespasser inspired FarCry Mod: Trespassing. Again, this means a lot to the entire community and we’re certainly wishing the Mod-Makers all the best!


Trespassing also appeared on a german TV-Channel, in a show called Giga.TV. You can read the original article here. But since I don’t expect all of you to understand german, I’ve translated it, hope I didn’t make too many mistakes on this one 😉 :

This mod published its entire story recently. If the following overview got you interested, then you can download a Word-document, which tells the rest.
The story begins on the island of Isla Nublar (“Jurassic Park”), where a Team of scientists is researching the awkward behavior of brachiosaurus, which are in heat. As the herd suddenly moves away, the Team splits up, because the good Dr. Korn doesn’t quite feel like returning to the base yet. Instead of taking the helicopter back home, he follows the Sauropods in a Jeep. A sudden Storm gets his car spinning on the muddy street and go astray.
Waking up after a wet night, he notices a raptor already staring at him through the windshield. The game begins and Korn is left alone with only the following items:
– 1 light Jeep
– 1 Machinegun
– 1 Night Vision goggles
– 1 Airborne Personal Transport
– 1 PDA with island maps
– enough food for a few days

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EA’s growing in size
Electronic Arts, biggest game factory in the world and publisher of our beloved game: Trespasser, just announced a strategic partnership with CryTek (for most of us well known for there recent hit : FarCry). This partnership promises some exciting Titles to the gaming-world. Let’s all wish for a second Trespasser 🙂 Read the full article here.

But that’s not it. EA also just recently bought-out Criterion. Quite a well-known company in the gaming industry. Criterion is well-known for the ‘Burnout’ series and for the RenderWare technology. You can read through the original article here.