Got to keep on reading…

Sk8er posted up several new chapters on the forum and we really have to catch up on that. So for this update, head over to Chapter 15 of “Trespasser 2” and give it a look. I know you must have missed that for the last month!

‘Four Towers Extended’

Many of you may remember ‘The Four Towers’, an level constructed by TresCom member TptDac. Well guess what. He’s been working alot on that level, improving it steadily and and extended version is as good as finished. Wanna know more? Here’s what he said:

“The Secret Lab area was redone with many custom objects and now looks a lot better. New areas include the Underground Tunnel Complex and Diablo Crater. The other old areas have been improved a little and more dinos have been added. You can play the old Four Towers areas and take the old exit to the Ascent Level, or follow the path through the new areas to find the helicopter and escape the island. At the start there is an option to move directly to the Secret Lab. The dinos are extensively recycled by means of teleport and regeneration triggers. There are also many fog triggers. So the path you take can determine what you experience. Despite the effort to supply a lot of dinos, this is a level that will mainly appeal to explorers.”

For all of you, who can’t belive these news, take a look and be wowed: