Windowed Trespasser Patch

TresCom member Big Red, just released another patch. With this patch you can now play Trespasser in a windowed mode, as long as play in software mode and set your desktop to 16bit mode.

In addition to this Big Red has promised more patches in the coming months, including the addition of new action types usable inside the game, such as, the Matrix mod. So be sure to drop by Big Red’s site

The Hunter Camp Project

MikeTheRaptor has been working hard on the new revived Hunter Camp level. Mike is going thru the hard process of the Trespasser level creation all by himself, doing his own models at the same time. Be sure to check his site, Trespasser Underground for any further updates on this exciting project.

A Salute To The Lost And The Forgotten

Ever wondered how the Trespasser community started? How it was 7 years ago? Who were/are the most important members? Proceed to read this brief history of trespassing.