The Complex

HA! Another level! Okay, okay. We did promise this one last week… but hey, it’s here (9 MB)… and it’s burning hot! Grab this piece of Trespasser software today and play Trespasser in an actionpacked environment…


Unfortunately, we are still working on our new level section (so you won’t see this item in the level section). This new item will be added once the new system is in place…

Pimp your Menu

Unbelievable. Six years of Trespasser-community history and nobody ever attempted to change the overall layout of Trespassers in-game menus…. until today! Tatu laid his hands on this fun task and is willing to share the result:


More Fan Art

More fan art keeps rolling in. This time it’s a piece by “anders svärd”. Although he says it is unfinished, it is still an amazing piece of art. Please do me a favor “Anders” and keep sending me your unfinished works!