Happy New Year!


Wow. Time goes by so fast. Has it been a year already? Eitherway, this has been a great year for the community. Many people contributed and did their part to give Trespasser a second chance. A bunch of members have participated to make this update a special one – to thank YOU! Happy New Year to all!

While we are getting drunk and rolling around in the snow, enjoy the following stuff:

Mystery Models finally found

This one is too good to be true. We finally got the full set of TSOrd’s missing models, some of which were never used in the final game. Many of these models were intended for some missing levels, including the mysterious “Pine Valley”. Of course we are sharing this with you, enjoy downloading the full package right here:

mystery_models.zip (23.5 MB)

This file includes the authentic 3dsmax scenes containing the models last touched by the DWI modelers back in 1997/1998. The textures also include original bump maps.

We’ve also done some renders for those who don’t have 3dsmax to view the files:

Mystery Models Image Gallery

Special thanks goes to “Owyn Beleforte” and his friend. We owe you guys big time!

Noth Pole Chaos Beta Release

Another level and a great one too. This one sets you right into an arctic environment. Almost everything was modified. New dinosaurs, new ground textures, you name it! I must say this is one of the best levels in months. So go download it here:


New ATX Release

Big Red did another double shift to finish this one in time! The new release includes a number of fixes and some new features, such as a third person cheat, night mode, smoother matrix effects, no-jumping-quadrupeds option and fast level restart disabling. Get it while it is hot:

Trespasser Hacks

For feedback, head over to this forum topic.

New Fan Art

Guess what?! NEW FAN ART! Yeah, We’ve been waiting for this so long – I peed my pants out of excitement. Don’t worry, I am of course just kidding – but I honestly think great fan art doesn’t come by often enough. Ryan Eaglesfield painted this lovely image for you:


And to add to that, Salvosuper sent us this drawing of a scene in Jurassic Park. Yeah, it is gory, but his dinoasaur sketches are remarkable!