Ahh, it’s the season again. Christmas jingles in your ear, eg our all-time classic “Rudolph the Rednose Raptor” (which btw, stares right back at you on top of the page), the smell of eggnog and food in the air and of course the presents waiting for you under your christmas tree (including the sweatshirt you’ve been wishing for all year long). Yes, dear Reader, we are definately in a christmas mood today.

We felt bad for not having 52 updates this year and really thought we should make up for it, so please take todays update as a lil’ something something to make up for your patience…

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A call from the past

Tomi Varjus, a long-time community member, stumbled upon a hole new set of Trespasser beta screenshots – dated back to 1998. They were supposingly taken from the oficial E3 package given out by DWI. Even though not all of them are new to us, they still come in surprisingly good quality:

As always, you may also take a look at them in our Pre-release Gallery.

Playing basketball – the hard way

People keep asking us for new levels. Well, lemme answer this: this level is definately worth the wait. Forum member Slugger is working on a mini-level, featuring lots of dinos and an interesting cave-like environment. If you like never ending splatter action, then this will be your choice for level of the year. He send us the following images and we couldn’t stop drewling:


RA_3 RA_2 RA_1 RA_4



He also send along a nice little description for you folks: “Is there a storyline?…not really, Anne just comes across this area, and has to figure out how to get past it.

Any New items? A re-textured shack, and several completly new ground texture objects, including fallen leaves.” I guess that really stands for short action, eh? The release date, you ask? Slugger says: “A release date? Hard to say…perhaps by the end of the year if I get it going.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Jurassic Park Online Adventure

Yes, finally somebody listened to what fans are looking for: a massively multiplayer online game based on JP. We’re definately pimping this website-under-construction, because the plain idea of a working JP online game gives us the shiver :). We received a first and completely exclusive look at this project and it looks spectacular:

PN_1 PN_2 PN_3


Feel just as overwhelmed as us? Register on the oficial Nedryland website: nedryland.zemk.com. The game is soon to start.

JP Legacy surprises the fans

Forum member and veteran trespasser Tyrannosaur sent us a link to his website a few days ago: www.jplegacy.org. It seems like a well-updated Jurassic Park fansite and many fans are already joining up on there forums. Do us a favor and support this young website – who knows, it might turn out to be the next IngenNet! This website and nedryland.zemk.com will of course be added to our links, once our new system goes online. ๐Ÿ™‚