Exordiumnovatix – a website under reconstruction!

I thought this fake latin name could describe our recent work the best: a smooth reconstruction of our website. Over the years we have added alot of content to this website – more than it was supposed to handle actually, making it difficult to manage (which is one of the reasons we hardly posted news in the last few weeks). We decided to revise the core of website code, and add new features along the way.

One of those things is the news archive, which is now accessable again. We’ve also taken the time to rethink our image gallery system. We’ll be moving images to that database one by one, once we are done you’ll be able to find every image on the site in the image gallery.

Send in more screenshots!

We are still in the need for new high quality screenshots for the gallery. This time not for the Screen Of The Week (which are always welcome) but to fill the Trespasser image gallery.

These images should portray exactly what Trespasser is about. We will select the prettiest images and add them to the database.

When taking screens, setting the game to it’s maximum graphical settings is recommended. The use of unofficial patches is not allowed, but cheats such as the “dinos” cheat are. The minimum resolution has to be 800×600, files preferably in PNG or BMP format and Zipped.

Send them over to: Image.

TresCom Wiki

We also took the time to set up our very own TresCom Wiki. With the help of the community we hope to document all facets of the game and it’s community. But we need your help on that. We invite everyone to share their knowledge about the game!

Big Red’s call for help

I thought I’d let you all know, that Big Red is still looking for people writing randomization files. These randomization files can be used to randomly generate dinosaur positions, adding extra depth to the game. I think Big Red said it best:

“I’m still looking for people to write randomization files! I know Drac is busy, but apart from that, Chronzerg’s the only one who’s donated anything, though it was very enjoyable. I’ll consider this a last call. If anyone wants to contribute, feel free to take your time and send them whenever you feel like, i.e., in 6 months if you want, and your stuff will be included in the next ATX (and will be toggle-able). But, this is officially the last request I’ll make for this. Thanks.”

So please, folks, help us push the game-experience a little further and answer his call here!