All day I dream about a… fast serv-errr?!

Ah, finally a note from myself. As you may have noticed, we locked the forum and are now in and on about to migrate to a new serverpark. I hope you understand that it may take Remdul and I a while to go through our checklists and make a 100% sure that everything is backed up and in place. As of time writing, we run through each and every page, fix broken links and check for missing images – a time consuming task, so I most certainly hope that you will bear with us and remain patient.

We are more than positive to complete the process just in time before the IGN hosting ends. So within that timeframe (24-48hrs), we will most likely begin to redirect each and every one to the new system and also reset the domains as we go.

Lastly, I would still like to leave a thank-you note to the entire IGN/Gamespy staff. Their kind offering has helped us through some rough years and opened the community to a much broader audience. Without the great hosting support, much of what we are now would not have come to existence – thank you!


Paul “madppiper”