Wait, I have a job to do 😛

The new Screen of the Week is up! This week’s winner is glitchhunter09! Check out their image to the right and discuss it in our forums! Previous entries will be entered into next weeks drawing!

Have a screen you want to submit for the screen of the week? Send me an email at trescomops*NOSPAM*@*NOSPAM*hotmail.com (remove the “*NOSPAM*”s)! Be sure to include the name you want listed as the author and possibly give a short description to go along with it!

Registration woes

Due to spam attacks, we’ve temporarily disabled registration until we get it all sorted out. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

IGN is shutting down hosting

Yesh, our webhost is shutting down. But not to worry! We have plans ready and will be transitioning in mid August to a new webhost. The move should talk only one day but we’re giving you this warning now to prepare you. We’ll have more details soon!