Migration complete!

Well, at least somewhat. We now welcome you back to www.trescom.org, which is in some way living the single life of a website once again! Of course this is only a metaphore (…and a horrible one at best – c’mon, websites? living? single? how rediculous…), but you can already see how things have improved now that we are on our own server again. Yes, it may only be me, but it seems as if our page has gained some speed, don’t you agree?

But anyhow, Remdul and I are still fixing things up and improving the old website as we move along. As a start, perhaps you’d be interested in visiting our hosted sites (this is only a sample of the ones we got):

* Trespassersecrets

* Rebel


* THS2

* TresDir

* TresCity

Or perhaps I can interest you in going through our slightly-improved menu bar to your left?!

Of course, this is only the beginning of a long list of updates, but you can say it with the rest of us: WE ARE HERE TO STAY!

Hosting is BACK!

With the new server comes new freedom: we are proud to reannounce our long-lost hosting plan. So write to us if you are interested in the deal: we can provide you with:

* free Webspace

* MYSQL Databases

* PHP/CGI Support

…and more. Just remember: all applicants must agree to our rules described on our Us helping you! page. 🙂