Time for another Screen of the Week. This time Awesome24712 have sent us a fun image, check it out on the right.

Download Section Update

The download section have been updated. All files are now hosted on TresCom, so people don’t have to use fileplanet anymore. As you might notice, there is still fileplanet links as a mirror download, but that’s just in case.

There is still work to do at the download section, as some might notice. Some fan levels haven’t been added YET, but will be put up there in the following weeks.

I took the time however, to upload the demo level Draconisaurus made as a preview for the Winter Contest 2011. This is the first time it’s released so go and check it out!

You will get a more complete list of what’s new after everything is done.

And please, anyone who knows any fan level or file missing from the download section, please email me at: TatuTresCom@gmail.com

You can also email me if you want your unreleased level there.


Our forum member and soundtrack expert Scallenger have started a petition to “Release Michael Crichton’s Notes From His Novels”. Help him out as I know you would like to get them released too 😉

Scallenger’s Petition