Yup, hppav has finally figured out how to access the control panel on here again. I’ll still need to get access to the FTP to make any major changes to this site, but being able to update the main page is a big plus all around. I won’t be able to upload any images until I have FTP access so text updates will have to do. Better than nothing, right?

10 Years of TresCom

I would have posted something about this on the main page if I had figured out how to access the control panel before now. But on April 28th this site became 10 years old! Here’s to even more!

Trespasser Remakes in CryEngine3 and Unity

Remember s13n1 combining all the terrain together on December 2011? Well, he didn’t stop there. He’s working on recreating the island in CryEngine3. Look at his progress here!

Then there’s vagrantart, a new member who is remaking Trespasser using the Unity Engine and doing an amazing job! Check it out here!

Scallenger’s Site

You may have noticed that the content was down for Scallenger’s site, the one hosting Jurassic Time. Due to a dispute, the original host isn’t hosting this content anymore. However, the content has now been re-uploaded onto the TresCom servers. So if you had trouble downloading Jurassic Time or any of Scallenger’s other work, it should work now.

Scallenger’s Legacy Trilogy