Trespasser in 2D? Why not? Over the years we’ve had several projects which aim were to recreate the game in various forms, 2D, 3D and VR. Dino Parker wants to share their work-in-progress of their recreation of the game in 2D.

The goal is to get this released for both PC and Android. As Dino Parker notes: “Since I am just an amateur game developer, kindly bear with me if any glitches/ errors that might pop up during the game. It should run fine on PCs with latest Microsoft builds. Kindly let the community members trying the demo to suggest improvements and/or modifications to me @this mail id, so I can refine and give a better version in the final build. Hope you guys enjoy it!”

Email to Dino Parker is: “jptrespasser2d (at) gmail (dot) com” or you could use the comment section on the download as well, which can be found here: Trespasser 2D Demo Download

Enjoy! 🙂