Today’s news post will be packed with updates and showcases of various Trespasser-related topics not directly related to modifying the game.


Trespasser in Minecraft? Yes. For the past six years, MinePass has worked on their recreation of Trespasser inside of Minecraft. A massive work where almost everything is built by hand.

3D Printed Art

Community member Wedge_Antilles showcased some 3D printed Trespasser art they made on our Discord. It is really impressive to finally see Trespasser-related art in 3D style. If you happen to have Instagram, you can follow them for more updates: Wedge_Antilles Instagram

Trespasser Comic

We got even more art coming. PierceHill started to make a comic based on Trespasser that will be based both on the events of Trespasser as well as the movie. A few pages have been done. These are all drawn by hand on paper. You can keep yourself updated in the official forum thread: Trespasser Comic Forum Thread

Toy Photography

Long time community member Draconisaurus continues their toy photography. I thought this was worth a mention.