Guest News Post by Draconisaurus

“Hello! On this day in 2011, JPDS was released to the public. It had been in production since December 2004, bringing production time to around 6.5 years, or one ten millionth of the time since they say Dinosaurs ruled the Earth (circa 1993). We spared no expense. The JPDS Team varied in its membership over time but eventually we pulled through and released a finished, though incomplete, mod to play.

MikeTheRaptor was a great conceptualizer, and modeler, a good friend to bounce ideas with. JPXTom, originally showed me TresCom at the forums. DemonCarnotaur did some great concept art sketches, including the initial area of a helicopter crash by an Ankylosaur and dead Pterosaur. RyanEaglesfield, was hard to work with sometimes but in the end gave some great material. TrikeUatra gave us a great menu. SecondIlliteration did TONS of Dino skin work. Mickey was invaluable for his musical ear, and his sense of a good natural environment in Tres. Nem helped a bit, and Slash_Master. But the mod would never have been finished in time without Tatu arriving on Site B to fix the foliage height errors from JPDS’s bizarre 4096^2 terrain. He even did some level work in the Plains area. 8 )

In recent times I’ve finally gotten a nice amount of feedback on the mod. Youtube playthroughs are quite standard these days and people seem to mention playing JPDS somewhat frequently. I’m glad everyone enjoys it! I myself learned a ton from the experience. Sadly I doubt I’ll ever have a mod project going on so massive as JPDS was.”


Please join us as you discuss your memories and thoughts about the JPDS mod on the celebration thread: JP: Dark Secrets 11th Anniv.