Another news post. This will be a bigger one with various news. I thought I would start to include more general updates from the community that may be something other than new levels, as well as including stuff that have been missing from news posts before, for you who may not browse our forum or Discord.

Forum Email Issues Resolved

Ever since a server move back in July 2023, we’ve had email issues due to a new provider. These have finally been resolved and you should now be able to register to our forum without issues, as well as getting emails if you follow a topic or getting a new PM (depending on your email settings on your profile).

New Staff Member

We would like to welcome TrespasserGuy as a new staff member of our forum staff. A very active member of the community, who’s released several levels as well as starting (and finishing) the latest community level.

Anne’s Apartment Found

Our long time community member (and staff), and Jurassic Park researcher hppav has made some amazing discovery of finding where Anne’s apartment is from the intro and outro video in Trespasser.

If you want to read up about it, and how they did it, you can find it all in the forum topic: Locating Anne’s Apartment

Beach Billboard Hotel Found

And that is not all. hppav also manage to find the hotel, and even the image itself used in the construction billboard found in the Beach level, where you first find out that you are at Site B.

Again, you can read it all in the forum topic: The Beach Hotel Billboard Room Image Found

Caldera Level Finished

morningstarring’s Caldera level mentioned in a previous news post has been finished and released. Make sure to check it out: Caldera Download Page

Let them know what you think about it, either on the download page or in the forum topic: New Level Caldera Finished

Trespasser HD Beach Final

Another level that was released in 2023 but was missed in a news post. Jdangerousdinosaur decided to finish TheIdiot’s HD Beach level and shared it with the community.

“It’s the HD version of the beach created by Theidiot a while back, but it was never finished. I always loved how this level looked, so I fixed it up and added some weapons and dinosaurs, and you can now use the monorail at the end of the level. It’s not a direct remake of the original Beach Level there are some differences, but It’s nothing much. I wanted to do quite a lot more with this, but I had so much trouble with the level becoming unstable and buggy, that I had to restart it multiple times. It was a headache, putting it nicely, haha I think it had something to do with how many objects are on this level, but this was my first Trespasser project to get used to the editor and I really want to thank Draconisaur for his help. This would not have been finished if it was not for him. Please let me know if there are any issues.”

Trespasser HD Beach Final Download

Flyable Helicopter Experiment

morningstarring took some inspiration from Rebel’s airboat experiment to make a flyable helicopter in Trespasser. It is some really impressive work and I highly recommend that you check it out. We are just starting to see what scripting can do in this game! You can download it HERE and follow the progress on the forum HERE.

Several New Impressive Additions By Rebel

In a recent news post we talked about Rebel’s new experiment with getting an airboat working in Trespasser. This time they have taken the next step of experimenting with several things.

The AirShip can be found here: AirShip Download Page and you can follow updates in the forum topic: AirShip_1 (Uploaded)

After working on the AirShip, Rebel went ahead and made a working drone GunShip that can fire guns! Download it here: Drone GunShip Download Page and follow the latest updates here: Drone GunShip Forum Post

After the Drone, Rebel went ahead and made a Drone Copter based on the “Capture Copter” toy by Kenner. You can download it HERE.

How about working Gattling Gun? That even spins! You can find that one HERE.

And lastly (at least at this time), what about a Land Crawler? Download it HERE and have fun!

New Fan Fiction

Both community members, and TresCom staff TrespasserGuy and Draconisaurus started writing some new fan fiction on our forum. TrespasserGuy’s one is not related to Trespasser or Jurassic Park, but it does include dinosaurs. Draconisaurus’ fan fiction is related to The Lost World book. You can find TrespasserGuy’s Kojima: A Thriller HERE and Draconisaurus Return To The Lost World HERE.