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"So, for my Chaotician Drac youtube show that I had running last year, several locations were created without ever being featured. One of them was "Amberius", a play on the word "amber", which was, an otherworldly dimension inhabited by the now-dead-and-ascended "Lord Hammond", who continues to carry out his dinosaur-cloning/ruling endeavors from here, after death. Basically the place was meant to be a beautiful version of the sort of places Hammond created in life, and be distinctly super-natural. My old partner Paradeinonychus and I found notebooks left behind by interdimensional InGen expeditions referencing the location, and we eventually found an abandoned mansion in a forest with a teleportation device that led us here. A talking butler-Gallimimus like the one in the Dinotopia TV show guards the entrance, and... ingame, most of the building is non-physical, but you can explore the interior as if it were, and go up the stairs to the second level. Admittedly, this structure is quite small for what it was intended to represent, but I think it still looks nice. Oh also, you'll get to see my character mesh, which has only 2 or 3 hand positions. So, here it is"