• Author Second Illiteration
  • File Size 426.13 KB
  • Category Editing Assets - Dinosaurs
  • Release Date December 14, 2020
  • Last Updated December 23, 2022
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JPOG Trespasser Skin Pack - Tribe A Raptor Skin Update

We've also got another package of skins up for grabs, provided by Second Illiteration. Download the Operation Genesis skins theme, which includes skins for the TribeA raptor, T.Rex, and albertosaurus.
S.I. also has released an upgrade for the Tribe_A raptor skin that was released. Make sure you download the additional file, to get the correct skin.

Note: This pack provides Trespasser-like skins for the JPOG dinosaurs ported to Trespasser - they are not for use in JPOG. S.I. clarifies this:
The title was confusing, I know.

To clarify, all the skins I have created are for Trespasser. In most cases though, they are skins for the OG meshes that have been imported into trespasser.
I hope that clarifies a bit.