• Author Draconisaurus
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  • Release Date February 20, 2021
  • Last Updated December 23, 2022
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Lost Jungle 3

Okay, sooooo! I completed this level months ago but... Well, I began development of it in November 2018. Wow, long time ago. Anyway it got a little ways in, then I started putting a town-like area in it and the perceived complexity of continuing to work on it got to me, and I shelved it. I kept thinking about it though, off and on, because it has a nice opening area with really tall trees leering over you, nice valley that you begin looking down on. Anyway, Klayton Fioriti the youtuber came around while I was working on Site C, and had seen my Paradeinonychus Trespasser model on youtube from a brief video. He'd looked for a mod containing it, to feature it on his show, but couldn't find one. So he messaged me about it. I told him the model was made for my own show and was yet unreleased, but that I'd make him a level to play that had it. Soooo I thought about finishing up Site C fast-ish for him to play, but realized that was a bad idea, too much rushing and too large a level, so I thought about it, and decided to rework what I had started of LostJungle3 to be based around the plan of a level for Klayton to put on his channel.

Anyway, I delivered that level several weeks ago, but Klayton was having trouble getting Trespasser to work and is quite busy. So, it waited. Just recently he finally got it to work again, and yesterday posted the video of his playthrough! Rebel, you'll be pleased to know that your RV is in the video, and at this time 9,335 people have seen it. Complete with InGen beer. Anyway, he enjoyed the level quite a bit: