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  • Create Date December 14, 2020
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Pine Valley: 50% Completeish

Well I haven't worked on it for a while, I guess I could release what I DO have done that way if someone else is tired of waiting they can finish it if they want to.

I added a temporary walkable mesh to the floor of the control building (which is something I don't think I mentioned in the update thread). As stated for the View Building, the model is incomplete and in many cases the elements have not yet been detached. It's a simple procedure to do but also tedious, I just wanted to get some version in the level when I last worked on it. Then PV sort of fell off the side when school started up again. Feel free to fiddle around with it, change textures, "borrow" models from it, whatever

Also I messed up upon importing the porta potty so when you approach it the door will disappear, I believe I forgot a part of it when I exported it out of the last version of PPV that I had.