• Author Draconisaurus/TheIdiot
  • File Size 33.64 MB
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  • Release Date March 6, 2022
  • Last Updated December 24, 2022
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Site C

"TheIdiot and I worked on this mod a bit together, after I set it up. Set in an alternate reality where various things are quite different from normal Jurassic Park canon, BioSyn controls Isla Muerta (one of the Five Deaths) and has set up their own facilities there. The plan was to include several Chaos Effect dinosaurs, and there are 3 present in the level, including one skinned by TI. If you explore around you will find several things; this level includes the most ingame readable text of any mod I've created, akin to some of what the Embryonics Administration was supposed to be in JPDS. After TI got a hold of it, we had decided to turn SiteC into a horror-themed mod. There was supposed to be a ghost at the top of the staircase in the office building but it broke for some reason. I had been developing a plan to finish and release this mod for Halloween this year, but sadly that is not going to happen. So, here is the mod now. Hope you all enjoy."