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  • Release Date November 5, 2022
  • Last Updated January 7, 2023
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Trespasser Mod Manager

Latest version: v1.0.1 (6 Jan 2023)

The GUI-based utility for managing Trespasser mods.

TMM simplifies the process of toggling the active mod in Trespasser by providing a GUI and removing the need to manually edit config files.

The Trespasser Mod Manager (TMM) performs the following functions:

  • Reads the tp_mod.ini to determine the Active Mod
  • Checks the contents of the /mods/ directory to generate a list of available mods
  • When prompted by the user, edits the tp_mod.ini to change the Active Mod
  • When prompted by the user, launches Trespasser CE"
  • Install "TMM-certified" mods from directly within the app (v0.3.8 and later). See library of certified mods here: TMM-Certified Mods Library
  • Shows mod information (if any is present).
  • Install the game from the CD.
  • Able to toggle certain INI options (cheats, max active AI, experimental AI behaviours).