• Author ThatZenoGuy
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  • Release Date July 10, 2024
  • Last Updated July 10, 2024
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Zeno's Fan Build 118

Forum Topic: Zeno's Vanilla Trespasser Patch/Rework

A refined, retuned and vanilla experience that is intended to fix some common issues that players of Trespasser have made over the years.

Note: Only contain level fixes, no engine fixes.

Main features:

- A bossfight with the alpha of Tribe A and B raptors

- Added dialogue and weapons that was cut from the game

- Rebalancing of levels for more fun, excitement, surprises and challenge as the game progresses

- Increased worldbuilding via the addition of new locations and skeletons to increase immersion

- Jungle Road's "Hidden Valley" uncut, I assure you it's a peaceful stroll through it

- Multiple changes inspired by earlier builds of the game before so much of it was cut/removed

- The church now has a tree growing through it


Install Instructions:

Either create a new mod folder within the CE patch, or make a backup of your retail level files in your /data/ folder and replace them with these.