We, the Trespasser Community, have been having a long history. I think that most of us have been playing the game until an idea popped into our mind: “WOOOOW, what a fantastic game, too bad there are still some features I’ve been missing”…

Well based on that thought the first few people huddled together and started to hack Trespasser a little. They called themselves THS (Trespasser Hacking Society) and started to edit the files and tried to gather as many information as they could. They have had a limited success with this all and finally had to give up. Their problem was most likely a bad feedback from too few people. However some of the original THS did not want to give up on the game so easily and started hacking it again. They formed the THS II and once again, they have been quite successful with understanding the basics, but again, they didn’t get to finish the wanted Editor and gave up. But as before, a few were still left, who didn’t want to give up on this task. Some of these few were:

  • “CodytheRaptor”, who’s been running the oldest Trespasser site from the very beginning (Project Trespasser).
  • “Andres”, who has been working on TresView/TresEd, a program to look at and create Trespasser levels.
  • “Wajas”, who has been working really hard on his “Trespasser City” site and was able to get into touch with some of the few DreamWorks interactive Game programmers (you can read the interview on his site!)
  • “TSOrd”, who’s been quite successful with creating some new hacking utilities, based on the old THS tools. He started to create an editor to extract the music and sound files from the game, as well as an Texture input file editor and some others. He has been working on the “MasterHack” (his idea of a Trespasser Editor), but then mysteriously disappeard and with him, most of the community died for a little while… In 2005 we got the sad news that TSOrd died on October 4, 2001.

However, it didn’t take us long to regroup. A new forum was started and many new people joined. Including:

  • “Rebel”, who has been working very hard on little programs to keep many people interested in the game.
  • “Madppiper”, who has been trying to help wherever he could.

…and many others. Andres was still working on TresView back then, and started working a little harder on it, making it to what it is now, a version of a real Trespasser Editor (TresEd). The community returned into life and many many members helped to come closer to our dream. The work of all together helped to make it to what it is now. Today we are growing in size steadily and it won’t take long, until we can fulfill our dream. This site, as a gateway for all the other Trespasser sites, will help us all to stick closer together and to finish where others have failed and I’m really glad to be part of this…

By now, more than one year after we launched this site, we can be proud to still be up and running. By now we’ve achieved a lot. Our tools have become way better, new levels have been created and the future looks really good. A special thanks goes to our old host the GameSpy Network & the new host Ilscipio!