We certainly do have a big update for you guys today πŸ™‚ Since from now on all of you will be able to have your own email account here. Yes, you heard us correctly, you will be able to have a hooray@trescom.org address, if you like. We made up a very nice web-based user-interface for you guys, too πŸ™‚ Well, unfortunately , you still need to write us a mail with your username and password, so that we can make it up for you, but right after that, it’s yours…

We also made a small contacts page, so that you can find our email-addresses more easily on this site. Simply go to the Contacts page, to find out about it.

Further more, we finally put some banners online! You can find them on the banners page, we also added to the menu… e.g.:

Feel free, to add those to your page πŸ™‚

Well, and besides that all, we of course added the next images, this time of the harbor… I hope you’ll all enjoy this πŸ™‚