Again another nice update here πŸ™‚ We for once put up an “How we can halp you” page. In that we’ll explain you, what we can do, to help you to help us. πŸ™‚ Meaning that we can host your work etc. Simply check it out if you’re interested!

Then we also had to redo our menu, adding another submenu called : Hosted Sites. On this we present all the sites, which are currently hosted by TresCom. Including an all new site called Genesis, which is about the upcoming game Project Genesis! We just opened it today, so please make sure you’ll visit it :

Tomi also send in some fan work of his. It is a start of a small comic he’s doing featuring Anne, the Trespasser. It is quite funny, so go and read it today in our FanArt section. Well, we certainly hope that others will start sending in stuff as well πŸ™‚

Darthraptor also send us the last part of his fantastic Trespasser Walkthrough : The Summit. He also added another Thanks page, which explains itself I believe πŸ™‚ With this, his work has almost end. πŸ™ We do hope that he will still work for us on other stuff and maybe help us imrpove a litttle further, as he did with this fantastic task! We’d once again also like to thank Hilwo on his help. Both of you did an amazing job on the Walkthrough, so once again : thank you!