TresCom Ops update

Here are three more new images from the new level which is currently in development:

We’ve opened up a new TresCom Creations section.

Fan Art

Victor Murillo has send yet another of his fantastic drawings, titled “Evacuation”:

You can download the full-size version at his Fan Art section.

Green Rex

And also Asjad send in this image featuring his altered T-Rex skin, which looks more like the dinosaur from the movie. Hopefully we will soon be able to put up a downloadable patch or add-on so you can install it to your own game.

Penguins ‘n Dinos

Dapper Dan reports that he has managed to get Trespasser to work under Linux. Using the latest version of Winex3 he was able to show us that it runs in both software and hardware mode. Aside from a few lag issues and sporadic sound crackles it seems to run just as fine, if not better, as on the Windows platform. Find the details on our forum, here.