Update on ‘The Outpost’

Another level calls itself back from oblivion: “The Outpost”. Yeah, thats right. Slugger send me a short message saying that he’s done with all the terain and most areas and is now working on the ‘Outpost’ itself and on the t-scripting (programming puzzles in Tres). Overall he gives it a 70% completion. He send some more images along, enjoy yourself:

‘Four Towers Extended’ available for download!

Ha, I bet you wouldn’t have thought of this happening so soon. As a matter of fact: I was being suprised big time. TptDac must have worked tripple-time to complete this one since our last update and made it now available for your download. You can find it in our download section as always…or grab the files right here!


Captain, I wish I could read!

Yeah, all of us who can’t read are extremely unfortunate, because todays update on Sk8er’s TresCom 2 is extra spicy. I’ll better keep it short, these two new chapters are hot!

Chapter 16 Chapter 17