Trespasser Mod Manager v0.3.6 (v0.3.8)

NOTE: MikeTheRaptor has released v0.3.8 (Nov 28th). See below links for further information!

MikeTheRaptor has released a new version of their Mod Manager, making it simpler to to change the active mod folder when using the CE patch. In the latest release, you are now allowed to set your own CE executable to launch, removing the need to have it named in a specific name.

Download: Trespasser Mod Manager

This project now has a GitHub page as well: Trespasser Mod Manger GitHub Page

Blender TPM Addon v0.4.4 (And v0.5.0 RC2 Experimental)

LtSten has updated the Blender TPM addon after an issue found by a community member while importing dinosaurs with the plugin. They also released an experimental build, allowing the import of bones and skins.

Download: Blender 3.0 TPM Addon

This project now has a GitHub page as well: Blender TPM Addon GitHub Page

New Dinosaurs!

A fairly newcomer to the TresCom community, gooplieslime has been busy converting dinosaurs from other media for Trespasser. As of now, they have released raptors from the Playstation 1 game “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, as well as the Herrarasaurus and Troodon from “Jurassic Park: The Game”.

PS1 TLW Raptors: PS1 Raptors Download

JPTG Herra & Troodon: JPTG Herrerasaurus & Troodon Download