Happy New Year!

Happy new year Trespasser fans. Another year where the community has survived and we are still here.

We here at TresCom wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope we will see you next year as well.


Explore the castle of Dracula in this all new level by community member Raphaelsauros. Being their first level, it is very impressive what they have done. Few people dares to do such a custom level and it is worth checking out!

TresDracula Download

TresCom’s 20th Anniversary Level

TresCom’s 20th (now 21st) anniversary level has finally been released. Originally aimed to have been released last year for the 20th anniversary of TresCom, it was delayed in order to properly be finished and not released to early. It is an impressive work similar to the Trespasser 20th anniversary level, where several community members have been collaborating in this massive project.

TresCom’s 20th Anniversary Level Download

Slender Park: The Slender Recreation

Slender Park is an old level by community member awesome24712. It was released back in 2012 but forgotten to be uploaded on TresCom. Due to various reasons, this project was never finished but we thought it was worth mentioning it here in a news post anyway. The level was made for ATX and comes in its own standalone package. It is clearly worth checking out, and is one of these rare horror levels made in Trespasser.

Slender Park Download